The Nicene CreedThe Waldensian church, together with all other Christians denominations, adheres to the common confessions of faith of the early church ecumenical councils: The Apostles’ Creed, The Nicene Creed of Constantinople. Following the Reformation, and the resulting division of Christianity, the Protestant churches adhered to new confessions of faith which express their understanding of Christianity. The Waldensians did this in 1655 during a particularly tragic moment of their history, when French and Savoyard troops assaulted the valleys of Piedmont.

The Apostles writing the Creed
The Apostles writing the Creed
The Declaration of Faith of 1655 was published for the first time in French in the “Relation vèritable de ce qui s’est passé dans les persucutions et massacres, faites cette années, aux églises reformées de Piedmont etc.”, printed without the name of the author or the place where written.
Having ascertained that the date of the lst text was 1655, it is probable that these declarations of faith were approved of by the Synod of Angrogna during that year. In fact, from the “Apology of the Reformed churches of Piedmont concerning their declaration of faith etc.”, published in Geneva in 1662 and translated by Antonio Leger, the author specifies in his announcement of the same that this Confession had been proclaimed by the Waldensians, together with their manifesto. It is also quite possible that the said Antonio Leger was the author of the same.
The Italian and French versions of this same declaration of faith are quoted in the same two volumes indicated above, accompanied by the letter with which Antonio Leger presented it to the Waldensians on 5th October, 1661. Necessary corrections have been made in the two texts. Every article is sustained by biblical proofs and the original notes which are to be found only in the issue editted by Antonio Leger Leger invariably copies out the supportive Bible texts which are quoted. Only the citations of the Bible proofs are quoted however, bringing some references up to date and correcting certain printing mistakes of the 16th century edition. For each article an index has been inserted, following the outline of those included by Giovanni Leger in the edition he made in his Histoire Général of 1669.

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